Iconic Pop Hits from the 1980’s that Are Still Popular Now

Iconic Pop Hits
Photo by Eric Krull on Unsplash

Iconic Pop Hits from the 1980’s that Are Still Popular Now

What iconic pop hits are people still listening to? From ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor to ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ by Joan Jett, these songs have stood the test of time. How did they become such timeless classics? The 80s was a decade of massive cultural change and musical experimentation. Music styles and trends continued to evolve through the decade, with each genre exploring new sounds and techniques. In addition, music production became significantly more sophisticated.

A New Age in Music

Popular musicians emerged during the 1980s who would go onto shape the sound of future generations. These artists include Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Whitney Houston and Journey. Pop was, in particular, propelled into a new era as it embraced electronic influences online casinos for real money. Musicians experimented with synthesizers and drum machines, including sampling. This new style of recording allowed for a greater degree of artistic freedom and enabled musicians to create complex arrangements. This type of approach is evident in numerous hit singles during this period.


Top Pop Hits

The following are some of the top pop hits of the 1980s. Have you heard any of them recently? If so, which ones?

1) I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor (1982)

2) Billie Jean – Michael Jackson (1983)

3) I Love Rock n Roll – Joan Jett (1984)

4) Runaway – Kim Carnes (1985)

5) Tie Your Mother Down – Tina Turner (1986)

6) Pump Me Up – Oleta Adams (1987)

7) Dancing Queen – ABBA (1988)

8) One Night Only – Diana Ross (1989)

9) La Bamba – Los Lobos (1990)

10) Don’t You Want To Be Loved – Tiffany (1991)

11) Uptown Girl – Billy Joel (1992)

12) Unbelievable – Cyndi Lauper (1993)

13) Wake Up Little Susie – Ringo Starr (1993)



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